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"Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal..."
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 15 July 2000
Northern California Web Links
KSFO AM web site - poletics
California Rifle and Pistol Association
 Pacific Legal Foundation was established 25 years ago
to provide an effective voice in the courts for mainstream thinking

-- a voice that speaks for less government and the preservation of free enterprise,
private property rights and individual liberties.
Today, PLF is the largest and most experienced public interest law foundation
of its kind in America.
European/American Issues Forum
The only civil-rights organization dedicated to the civil rights of European-Americans.
 California Legislature has declared  October "European American Heritage Month" 
James O. Berkland's SYZYGY...An Earthquake Prediction Website

Northern California News References
  Study: Blacks Commit 90 Percent of Interracial Crime - (US NewsWire)

'Hate crimes' not big problem in race relations, study finds - (Wash.Times)

 "The recent invalidating of many provisions of California's proposition 187,
the anti-illegal alien measure, is an illustration of how the federal judiciary
blocked the democratically expressed will of the people
when it threatened a key provision of the imperial agenda --
the deliberate flooding of America with illegal aliens
to break labor unions, lower wages, 
and transform America into a third-world country."
--Thomas W. Chittum 
from "CIVIL WAR TWO" p.180
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