Public Service Announcement to all Illegal Aliens in California
The State of California is now offering free room, board, health care, sex, TV,
exercise facilities, job training, counseling, education and legal counsel
to any illegal aliens that will apply to raise their standard of living by simply
getting arrested for any felony. 

Bonus Prize: make a successful 'run for the border',  keep all your 'winnings'
and live as a successful and respected 'import-export' businessman.

What are you waiting for? Win the respect and admiration of your peers, set an example.
Remember, you are the welcome guest of the generous tax-paying Anglos of California. 

"mi casa es su casa"
(my house is your house)
luxurious facilities for alien felons typical upper-middle-class mexican home
mi casa es mejor que su casa

(my house is better than your house)
California Prisons Reference Links and Travelers Guide
California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
The Nation's Largest Correctional Agency!
Last year more than 325,000 California jail  inmates were released early
due to a lack of space in county jails. Early releases, in my opinion, lead to increased crime and victimization and breed a lack of respect for society and its rules.

Nearly half of California’s 58 counties, Los Angeles included, are forced to live under federal court orders which  mandate maximum population levels for their jails and lead to early releases of convicted felons. Thus far,  California state prisons have been able to avoid similar court intervention. However, each month that passes without additional prisons being built, increases the probability of court ordered "early outs" for convicted

California Prison Statistics

FACILITIES: 33 state prisons ranging from minimum to maximum custody;
38 camps, minimum custody facilities located in wilderness areas where inmates
are trained as wildland firefighters; and 6 prisoner mother facilities.

POPULATION: All Institutions: 160,576. One year change: 4,549 + 2.9%. 
Prisons: 149,033. Camps: 4,058. Community Facilities: 7,329. 
Outside CDC: 1,874 At large: 407 
USINS (Immigration) Holds: 20,856.

Top 5 counties: LA; 35.5%, San Diego; 8.0%, San Bernardino; 5.8%, 
Orange; 5.4%, Riverside; 5.3%.

CHARACTERISTICS: Males: 92.8% Females: 7.2% 
Parole Violators: 17.3%. 
 29.7% white;
 31.2% black;
 34.0% hispanic;
   5.1% other.

Offense: 42.1% violent; 23.5% property; 27.8% drugs; 6.6% other.

Classifications (males):
33.5% Level I; 20.8% Level II; 23.8% Level III; 19.7% Level IV; 2.2% Special Security. Lifers: 19,141 LWOPs: 2,256  Condemned: 517 

Avg Reading Level: Seventh grade Median Age: 34. 
Employed: 59.5% Ineligible: 28.4% Waiting List: 12.1% 
Avg Sentence: 41.4 months; Avg Time Served: 23.0 months.

Commitment Rate: 388.3 per 100,000 Calif. population. 
Assault Rate (per 100 ADP): 4.3 in '97; 3.3 in '96; 3.2 in '95. 
Escape Rate (per 100 ADP): 0.04 in '97; 0.05 in '96; 0.06 in '95.

another viewpoint on the problem of prison overcrowding....
U.S. company operating in Mexico closed down
its operations and moved them to San Quentin
{comment: was that because all of its workers had 'migrated' there?}

south africa