White Slug

Soft, White and Treacherous
by Séan Carroll © 2006

All invaders and traitors who have set the impending national race disaster in motion, pay attention. That means every Pedro in Los Angeles, Mel in Florida, George in Washington DC, Greg and Gordon in Oregon, Larry in Idaho and every corrupt, wicked prince of the Mexican Catholic Church of Catamites.

      You have threatened us Caucasian Americans in our homes within our national borders. You have threatened our women folk and our children, especially our daughters. You have threatened us variously with expulsion, torture and death. You have threatened to destroy everything we have spent a life time working for. You have threatened to leave us destitute and at the total mercy of an ignorant race of primitive communists. Which tells me you don’t expect to have any trouble carrying out your threats. You might say that we stand with surgical jelly in hand waiting your pleasure.

      Some of you brighter criminals in public office (particularly those of you flying under false colors as patriots) realize that you better be on the right side of the boundary lines when the dust settles. But you’re just about out of time. How many Cardinals, Bishops and priests do you think are going to throw themselves under the bus when it comes down to the fast approaching race war you’ve unleashed? If you think any of them will be there, you probably believe that Peter Pan is a wash basin at the Mustang Ranch.

      It’s widely known that Democrats are prepared to sacrifice their daughters (but not necessarily themselves) to avoid being branded racist. They expect the rest of us to do the same. See what too much dope in the formative years can do to the power of reasoning? Fact is, the rest of us will defend our families with our lives. It’s a racial characteristic of the Anglo-Saxons, Teutons, Celts and Americans of other races who have adopted Aryan racial attributes to preserve the family and community. Which should suggest caution to you Mestizo invaders and white Fifth Columnists.

     I realize most Mexican invaders are dense enough to think that us Caucasians are really going to let them do what they have threatened. But, the gangsters in Congress, Governors’ Mansions and State Legislatures definitely know better. And they should also know that the most serious retribution will be saved for the collaborators of the invaders along lines laid down in the 20th century by the Jewish, Dutch and French. That’s why they want our guns. New York’s mayor Bloomberg and African Kofi Annan are leading the current charge against America’s gun owners.

      If you traitors think the law will save you when the brown stinky stuff hits the whirling blades, ask yourselves how can the law you have destroyed help you? You have removed the very restraints that might have protected you in the disastrous days to come. Therefore, you cannot fail in your treachery. You must win by installing your Aztec governments and drawing the boundaries between Mexican and American states so that–as your perverted logic goes--your homes wont be invaded or your children harmed as you have threatened to do to the rest of us. But even then you can’t be sure.

      You have made a pact with the worst of the devils in a criminal conspiracy that observes no restraints except as might be dictated by the most violent and brutal of its members. The only talents you have are being white, soft, and treacherous. For now you are on the right side of the equation for stealing, rape and pillage. Enjoy it while you may. In the mean time, us white boys are catching on to you criminal bastards in public office. Not only that, but wait until your criminal pals don’t need your whining, sniveling selves around anymore and turn on you and your kiddies. Then you can have some serious fun. Olé!

      Good Luck with the Mexican communists, narco-terrorists and human sacrifice cults to which you have pledged allegiance. But that’s not your only worry. For those of you unfortunate enough to land on our side of the line, we will cheer everyone of you into hell who meets the end he has planned for the families of Caucasian Americans. We don’t delude ourselves. Some of us could also end up on the wrong side of the line. Most of us know what you plan for us and realize we will have to leave our homes to escape persecution and confiscation of our property.

     But even as migrants in our own country, smart money would counsel that you liberals and Mexicans avoid people like us. But you haven’t done a smart thing yet. So, I guess I’ll see some of you on trial in the New American courts. Incidentally, your co-defendants will include every member of the ACLU arrogant enough to hang around thinking he’ll corrupt the New American legal system as he has the existing system. So, don’t count on that subversive outfit for help. Its members will be fighting for their own lives.

     Caucasian leaders have betrayed the white man. The corrupt Mexican Catholic Church has betrayed all Caucasian Catholics most particularly American Roman Catholics. That anyone of which would attend another new order mass or contribute a single dime to the treasonous work of these pedophilic chaplains for the Mestizo army of invasion is beyond me. And like the late, and much lamented, Jesuit Frs. Malachi Martin and Cristero Miguel Pro: in the name of Jesus I rebuke the wicked Roman citadel as I do Satan and all his works–which are looking more and more like the same thing.

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